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What's best for me?  Private coaching or group courses?

Private coaching is the gold standard of dialect work. You get individual guidance, teaching geared to your own learning style, and personalized suggestions for improvement.

Group coaching offers many of the above benefits.  Online courses are capped at 4 participants (in person courses are capped at 8-10 participants), and you get approximately 30 minutes of individual attention.  You learn from other participants, as well as getting your own feedback, and you get to network with others who may be in a similar position to you.  Furthermore, you get a chance to play around with pretending to actually be American through improv, storytelling, and games.

However you like to learn best, Barbara will do her best to help you gain an authentic American sound.

Check out Barb's booking page for all services on offer!

Still not sure?  Email us and let us help you find the best path to American authenticity for you.

How much does it cost?

Private Coaching  $130 per hour/$65 half hour

Group Coaching   POA

Online Courses     $495 for six weeks (see below for more info, see above)

On Set Coaching  Contact us about what kind of magic you want to make happen on your project!  

Where do you teach?

Isn't THAT the question of the year?

Barbara has been teaching via Skype and Zoom for a few years now, and is not in the mood to stop!  She's also offering Masterclasses these days, both on Facebook, Instagram TV and via Demio webinars.

Subscribe below to get the 411 on where she will be teaching next!

Can Barbara come to me for coaching?

Not until there is a COVID-19 vaccine.  Until then, we have video chat!  So feel free to make the most of Barb's annual Zoom subscription.

(PS Once there IS a vaccine, and you've both had it,  Barb absolutely accepts your invitation to coach you in Paris. Just note she is very, very onion-intolerant.)

Do you offer discounts for multiple lessons?

As they say in Minnesota, you betcha! How does 5 private sessions for $500 sound?  You save a whopping $150 buckaroos!  Wow.  Book here for that one, baby.

How do I pay for my session?

Dude, you pay automatically via PayPal when you book in.  Too easy, right?

Booked in directly with us?  No problemo!  We'll invoice you.  

Want free tips, course discounts and giveaways? SUBSCRIBE, baby!

Thanks for being so submissive!

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